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Main Man Supplies Limited is committed to quality and places great importance in ensuring that products and services
provided to customers is of the highest standards to meet customer needs.

Main Man Supplies Limited is proud to have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification.  This award recognises our commitment
to providing exceptional quality of service.  To maintain validity of the Certificate, one external Quality audit is carried out
annually.  We also carry out one internal Quality audit each year.

The company's Quality Policy is regularly reviewed and any changes are approved as part of the formal management review
proceedings.  Copies of the Quality Policy are made available to all members of staff.

Main Man Supplies Limited products are sourced from high-quality suppliers who are appraised at regular intervals.  As part
of these questionnaires there is a section on quality management for suppliers to confirm that they have quality procedures
and/or accreditation in place.  All of our suppliers provide us with detailed data sheets and specifications.  We carry out
regular independent inspections of our factories.

Main Man Supplies Limited has a purchasing policy in place to ensure all purchasing is carried out in a professional manner 
with adequate records kept.  The policy of Main Man Supplies Limited is to purchase from suppliers, goods and services to
the required specification at a fair and reasonable price that are consistently delivered on time.  The goods or services bought
must meet Main Man Supplies Limited and it's customer's requirements.  Our Purchasing Policy applies to and binds all
directors, managers and employees of the organisation in any situation where they are involved in a purchasing process, 
whether as requisitioners or specifiers, purchasers or negotiators, or those who validate or authorise payment.

All products that are delivered to Main Man Supplies Limited, must be delivered containing:-

  • A CE marking
  • User instructions (where applicable)
  • Manufacturers warranty/guarantee
  • Delivery note
  • Serial number and/or Batch Number
  • Conform to European Standards, country standards, import requirements, and applicable laws
  • In accordance with the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

Main Man Supplies Limited has an officer responsible for overseeing quality.  This person is responsible for running our import
department, and regularly visits factories in China, to understand their procedures, keep up to date with any technology changes
and ensure that the products produced were complying with the latest regulations.  Main Man Supplies Limited has also attended
various SATRA courses to keep our knowledge up to date and has experience using various quality tools and equipment to check
the thickness, durability and colour of garments to ensure they meet specifications.

This role is a valuable asset to the company and is responsible for following up any issues that arise out of our testing on our weekly
containers.  We have also created a sample testing room at our head office, where samples are tested before they are presented 
before the board.  We regularly attend health and safety exhibitions to keep up to date with market changes.  She also has contacts
available if we ever need a third party to carry out an inspection for extra assistance.

Due diligence tests are performed on all our imported products prior to shipment from our factories to ensure the quality of the 
products remains consistent and to specification.  We also carry out sample checks on all our containers to inspect the quality and
finish of the products.

To protect the quality and finish of our products, all products are stored in a safe environment until they are delivered by our own
transport or third party carrier.  All products to be sent to customers are shrink wrapped for protection, and any specific packaging
requirements from our customer are considered.

All items should be free from defect and conform in all respects with the particulars specified in the tender document.  We aim to 
reduce the number of faulty goods returned by ensuring that our Quality Policy is adhered to at all times.

If following receipt and examination or testing of any item is found not to conform in all respects with the requirements stated in the
tender documents, or the item is damaged or incorrect Main Man Supplies Limited shall:

  1. Within a responsible time period determined by the customer having regard to all the circumstances and in particular the nature
    of the contract, and the items to be contracted to be supplied rectify the position to the entire satisfaction of the customer, following
    notice given to Main Man Supplies Limited about any deficiency in fulfilling the contractual obligations,
  2. Where an invoice has been rendered in respect of such item, Main Man Supplies Limited shall forthwith issue a credit note for the 
    item supplied and reject and re-invoice the replacement item separately following delivery of the same.

In the case of items which have been rejected Main Man Supplies Limited shall at no cost to the customer, remove all rejected items
within 5 working days of receipt from the customer.  Main Man Supplies Limited will arrange collection of the item(s) with either a third
party carrier or our own vehicles.  Collection will only be made with a valid collection note.

Every month, the returns file is reviewed by a director to assess issues and implement action plans to resolve.  We recommend writing
damages/shortages etc. on the delivery note as soon as the goods are received, before signing the delivery note.  It may also be 
beneficial for the customer to photograph any damaged items.  This will assist Main Man Supplies Limited if there are any issues in the
supply chain.

All damaged goods are analysed to see how they got damaged and find out where fault lies.  Any product found to be faulty will be isolated
upon return for investigation and disposal or return.

One of the main reasons for our success is our service and eye to detail in supplying our customers with the product they actually require.


Reviewed: 15/03/2019

P. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer