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Policy Statement


We all live in an age of global warming, pollution and waste disposal levels at mountainous proportions, all of which are 
problems that affect us all and need to be addressed.

Main Man Supplies Limited understand the importance of being environmentally sensitive in the way we conduct business, 
and as a company strive to develop in both our sourcing of product and site management.

Contained within this policy are simple but effective ways that will help create a better environment for us all.

Some of the measures contained could be applied to the homes and lifestyles of all employees of Main Man Supplies.  Please
feel free to share these ideas, many of which are simple but very effective and in most cases can prove to be highly economic.

As a company, we must in every facet of our business continue the work already started to make Main Man Supplies Limited
a leading "Green" company and be proud to promote Environmental and sustainable awareness to all.

Main Man Supplies Limited welcomes suggestions for ways to improve all aspects of our Environmental and Sustainability

It is important for us all to remember that through ever day actions we can all contribute to creating a better world for us all to
live in.


Mark Brooker

Managing Director
Main Man Supplies Limited